Mr. William Yang founded CHUMPOWER MACHINERY CORP. in 1981, which had a team with excellent innovation capacity and productivity. By 1994, CHUMPOWER developed the first fully automated PET blow molding machine in Taiwan, as well as the first high-speed, fully electric, linear PET blow molding machine in Asia. With 35 years of development, CHUMPOWER has become the largest PET blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, becoming a leading brand that accounts for 85% of the PET blow molding machine exports. Over 3000 PET blow molding machines from CHUMPOWER are sold to more than 103 countries around the world, making it the second largest two-step PET blow molding machine manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region.
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Products support:
- PET Stretch Blow Molding Machines
- PET stretch blow mold
- PET preform molds
- Drill chuck
- EX-Power Universal Chuck
- Tap Chuck
- Spindle Clamping System
- Spindle Accessorize
- Tooling System
- Tooling System Parts